Man pages for bflammers/ANN2
Artificial Neural Networks for Anomaly Detection

ANNRcpp module exposing C++ class ANN
autoencoderTrain an Autoencoding Neural Network
compression_plotCompression plot
decodeDecoding step
encodeEncoding step
neuralnetworkTrain a Neural Network
plot.ANNPlot training and validation loss
predict.ANNMake predictions for new data
print.ANNPrint ANN
read_ANNRead ANN object from file
reconstructReconstruct data using trained ANN object of type autoencoder
reconstruction_plotReconstruction plot
setActivParamsCheck user input related to activation functions
setDataCheck the input data
setLossParamsCheck user input related to loss function
setMetaSets list with meta info, to be used in other checks
setNetworkParamsCheck user input related to network structure
setOptimParamsCheck user input related to optimizer
setTrainParamsCheck user input related to training
trainContinue training of a Neural Network
write_ANNWrite ANN object to file
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