Man pages for bgreenwell/bmisc
Miscellaneous R Functions

char2facConvert Non-numeric Columns to Factors
checkClassBalanceCheck Class Balance
color_wheelColor Wheel
columnTypesColumns Types
cprintCopy Print
cvCoefficient of Variation
deg2radMiscelaneous math functions
first.alphaString Methods
first.digitString Methods
fromImport Specific Objects from Packages
hypotMiscelaneous math functions
inrangeWithin Range
inspectInspect a Data Frame
is.alnumString Methods
is.digitString Methods
kth.alphaString Methods
kth.digitString Methods
last.alphaString Methods
last.digitString Methods
load-removeLoad/Unload Multiple Packages
most_freqMost Frequent Value
nmissingNumber of Missing Values
nuniqueThe Number of Unique Elements
operatorsAdditional Operators
phi.coefficientPhi Coefficient
phi.multiPhi Coefficient for Multi Label Data
popRemove Items
pwr.logRankSample Size Calculations for the Log-Rank Test
rad2degMiscelaneous math functions
set_seedSpecify Seeds
str2intConvert Characters to Integers
summarizeDataSummarize Data
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