Man pages for bhmevik/pls
Partial Least Squares and Principal Component Regression

biplot.mvrBiplots of PLSR and PCR Models.
coef.mvrExtract Information From a Fitted PLSR or PCR Model
coefplotPlot Regression Coefficients of PLSR and PCR models
cppls.fitCPPLS (Indahl et al.)
crossvalCross-validation of PLSR and PCR models
cvsegmentsGenerate segments for cross-validation
delete.interceptDelete intercept from model matrix
gasolineOctane numbers and NIR spectra of gasoline
jack.testJackknife approximate t tests of regression coefficients
kernelpls.fitKernel PLS (Dayal and MacGregor)
mayonnaiseNIR measurements and oil types of mayonnaise
mscMultiplicative Scatter Correction
mvrPartial Least Squares and Principal Component Regression
mvrValMSEP, RMSEP and R2 of PLSR and PCR models
naExcludeMvrAdjust for Missing Values
oliveoilSensory and physico-chemical data of olive oils
oscorespls.fitOrthogonal scores PLSR
plot.mvrPlot Method for MVR objects
plsPartial Least Squares and Principal Component Regression
pls.optionsSet or return options for the pls package
predict.mvrPredict Method for PLSR and PCR
predplotPrediction Plots
scoreplotPlots of Scores, Loadings and Correlation Loadings
scoresExtract Scores and Loadings from PLSR and PCR Models
selectNcompSuggestions for the optimal number of components in PCR and...
simpls.fitSijmen de Jong's SIMPLS
stdizeStandardization of Data Matrices
summary.mvrSummary and Print Methods for PLSR and PCR objects
svdpc.fitPrincipal Component Regression
validationplotValidation Plots
var.jackJackknife Variance Estimates of Regression Coefficients
vcov.mvrCalculate Variance-Covariance Matrix for a Fitted Model...
widekernelpls.fitWide Kernel PLS (Rännar et al.)
yarnNIR spectra and density measurements of PET yarns
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