Man pages for bips-hb/rgp
Identification of Risk Groups in Pharmacovigilance Using Penalized Regression (RGP)

adalRidge Regression Wrapper
all_classification_measuresAll 'RGP' Classification Measures.
ARTPPathway analysis approaches based on an adaptive rank...
artp_predictionPrediction based on the ARTP method
artp_testTest function for ARTP method.
attribrisk.rgpCalculate population attributable risk estimates for one or...
cluster_sizePathway sizes in terms of diseases and drugs.
create_boolean_matrixCreate Boolean Matrix
create_cohortSimulate Case-Control Data with Correlated Predictors
create_groups_legRandom Grouping of Predictors
create_groups_v1Random Grouping of Predictors
create_groups_v2Random Grouping of Predictors
create_square_matrixCreate Square Matrix
dr2pathlink drug to pathway
drug2atc2targetfind drug target: link drug to target ("pathway" or gene:...
ds2icdlink disease to icd
ds2icd2targetFind disease target: link disease to target
find_intercept_iterFind the Intercept for a Dataset
IlogitInverse Log of a Numeric Vector
kegg_mergeMerge two data tables with the same key, usually kegg id
matrix_to_collapsed_dtConvert Matrix to Data.table
parse_br08410get icd descriptions (all names)
precisionPopular classification measures for predictions
predict_groupsCompare Selected Groups versus True Groups Using Performance...
rgp_aucA Function Wrapper for 'ROCR' AUC Measure Calculation
rgp_prA Function Wrapper for Area Under Precision-Recall Curve...
riskscoresCalculate Risk Scores
source2targetFetch KEGG Entries using KEGGREST
ttsplitSplit Cohort for Cross-Validation
vector2listConvert Vector of Groups into List
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