Man pages for bjornbrooks/PolarMetrics
Functions for analyzing seasonal patterns in environmental variables

avec_angCalculate the opposites of the input radial angle(s)
calc_metricsEasy function for calculating all polar meatrics.
mndviMODIS NDVI data from select National Forest sites
PolarMetrics-packageFunctions for analyzing seasonal patterns
rad2dTransform from radians to time units
rad2idxTransform radians to sequential index values
sum_cycleCalculate cumulative sums within each cycle in a series
t2radTransform dates to radians
vec_angCalculate radial angles from horizontal and vertical...
vec_magCalculate Euclidean magnitudes from horizontal and vertical...
vec.xCalculate horizontal component vectors
vec.yCalculate vertical component vectors
window_idxCalculate index values marking truncation endpoints for a...
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