Man pages for blairj09/cryptor
An R Wrapper for the CryptoCompare API

cryptorcryptor: An R wrapper for the CryptoCompare API.
get_api_limitTotal API calls used and remaining.
get_coinsList all available coins.
get_coin_snapshotGet specific coin details by coin id.
get_day_avgGet averge daily price for a given currency pair.
get_exchangesList all available exchanges.
get_historical_priceGet historical daily price data
get_newsGet cryptocurrency news items.
get_news_providersGet details on news providers integrated on cryptocompare.
get_pair_snapshotGet data for a currency pair
get_priceGet price data for one or more coin(s).
get_price_avgGet weighted average price of coin pair based on any number...
get_price_detailsGet full price details for one or more coin(s).
get_socialGets social data for a given coin id.
get_top_coins_by_volumeGet top coins by total volume across all markets.
get_top_exchangesGet top exchanges by volume for a given currency pair.
get_top_exchanges_fullGet top exchanges by volume along with additional details.
get_top_pairsGet top currencies by volume for a given currency.
get_top_volumesGet top coins by volume for the provided currency.
pipePipe operator
tibbleTibble function
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