Man pages for blaquans/tricky
Tricky R functions

count_naCount NA
detect_naDetect NA
detect_sirenDetect Siren
filter_dups_Filter duplicates
find_function_in_fileFind a function in a file
find_function_in_projectFind function in the current RStudio project
find_keysFind keys
format_numFormat num
french_formattingDEPRECATED Formatting numbers according to French conventions
is_sirenis SIREN
make_node_node_table_Make node node table
make_single_node_node_table_Make a single node node table
percent_formattingFormatting percentages
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
set_standard_namesSet standard names
unfrench_formattingDEPRECATED Converts French formatted numbers into numbers
week_of_the_yearCompute the week of the year
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