fetchR: Calculate Wind Exposure with the 'fetchR' Package

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The fetchR package allows for an objective calculation of wind fetch and provides methods to visualise the wind exposure and export the fetch vectors to a KML file.


Fetch is an important measurement in coastal applications. It provides a measurement for the unobstructed length of water that wind from a certain direction can blow over. The higher the wind fetch from a certain direction, the more energy is imparted onto the surface of the water resulting in a larger sea state. Therefore, the larger the fetch, the larger the exposure to wind and the more likely the site experiences larger sea states.

The fetch length from all directions (and from each quadrant) can be averaged to provide an indication of the location's exposure to wind. The fetchR package calculates the lengths of wind fetch vectors from all directions, at any given location(s) on Earth, and can provide summaries, visualisations and KML files along with the raw data.

See Also

fetch for an extensive reproducible example.

vignette("introduction-to-fetchR") for a short introduction to **fetchR**.

http://windfetch.cer.auckland.ac.nz/ for the online web application.

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