Man pages for blongworth/amstools
Provides tools for AMS data extraction and analysis

checkDBCheck odbc call returns for errors
conNOSAMSOpen NOSAMS DB connection
d14cCalculate D14C.
dctofmCalculate Fm
getIntcalTableGet Intcal table
getQCDataGet and format standards data
getQCTableGet secondary data from qc table
getRawWheelGet Raw Wheel
getRecSRGet results by recnum from snics_results
getStandardsGet Standards
getStdTableGet Standards Table
getWheelGet Wheel
getWheelInfoGet info for a wheel
getWheelStdsGet standards from a wheel
getWheelStdsSRGet standards from a wheel from snics_results
intrErrIntrinsic Error
mungeQCTableModify and calculate fields for raw qc data.
mungeResfileProcess wheel results data frame.
mungeStandardsModify and calculate fields for raw standards data.
normFmNormalized Value
numRunCount runs
rcageCalculate radiocarbon years
readResfileRead raw results data from file
readWheelfileRead a SNICS wheelfile
recReportRec_num report
rsdRelative SD
seStandard Error
sumWheelStdsSRWheel standards summary
totErrTotal error.
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