Man pages for bluegreen-labs/phenor
An R phenology modelling framework

AGSIAccumulated growing season index model
AICcCalculates AICc values
ATAlternating model as defined in Basler et al. 2016 (Agr. For....
CDDChilling Degree Day (CDD) adapted from Jeong & Medvigny 2014...
check_npn_phenophasesChecks if USA-NPN phenophase exists
check_npn_speciesChecks if USA-NPN species exists
check_pep725_speciesChecks if PEP725 species name or number exists or can be...
CUCU chilling degree model
cvmaeCoefficient of Variation of the Mean Absolute Error
daylengthCalculate daylength values
DPDormPhot model as defined in Caffarra, Donnelly and Chuine...
DUDU drought model
GRPThermal Time grassland pollen model
likelihoodLog likelihood cost function for model optimization
LINLinear model
M1M1 model
M1sM1s model
nullNull model
outlier_detectionOutlier detection of transition dates
PAParallel model
PAbParallel model
phenorphenor: A package for rapid phenology model development.
plot.pr_fitPlotting method for fit model output
PM1Parallel M1 model
PM1bParallel M1 model
pr_calc_land_coverCalculates land cover density
pr_calc_temp_sensCalculates the temperature sensitivity of a model (and...
pr_cross_validateModel cross valiadation
pr_dl_beDownload Berkeley Earth Gridded mean daily temperature data
pr_dl_cmip5Download NASA Earth Exchange Global Daily Downscaled...
pr_dl_npnDownload USA-NPN data using the API interface
pr_dl_pep725Download PEP725 data
pr_fitFit a single phenology model
pr_fit_comparisonFit multiple models for comparison
pr_fit_parametersFit parameters of a phenology model to validation data
pr_flattenGenerates a flattened 'phenor' data file
pr_fm_beFormatting of Berkeley Earth Gridded temperature data
pr_fm_cmip5Formatting NASA Earth Exchange Global Daily Downscaled...
pr_fm_csvFormatting of CSV based data
pr_fm_daymet_tilesFormatting Daymet tiled data
pr_fm_eobsFormatting E-OBS data
pr_fm_geeFormatting GEE data
pr_fm_modisFormat MODIS MCD12Q2 phenology data
pr_fm_npnFormatting USA-NPN data
pr_fm_pep725Formatting PEP725 data
pr_fm_phenocamFormat PhenoCam data
pr_fm_subsetSubset formatted phenor data
pr_merge_pep725Merge PEP725 data files
pr_parametersRead parameter boundary values
pr_plot_arrowsGenerates an arrow plot
pr_plot_comparisonModel comparison plotting routine to faciliate model...
pr_predictPredicts phenophases
PTTPhotoThermal Time model
PTTsPhotoThermal Time model
rmseRoot Mean Squared Error cost function for model optimization.
rotate_cmip5Rotate CMIP5 NetCDF data cubes
SGSIStandard growing season index model
shape_model_outputShapes model output
SM1Sequential model (M1 variant)
SM1bSequential model (M1 variant)
SQSequential model
SQbSequential model
summary.pr_fitPrint summary values for fit model output
triangular_temperature_responseTriangular temperature response function
TTThermal Time model
TTsThermal Time model
UM1Unified M1 model
UNUnified model
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