Man pages for blueprint-ade/bputils
Convenience Functions for Handling Administrative Data and working with the Qualtrics API

add_totalAdd total data for tab
calc_chisqCalculate chisq and out-put a dataframe
create_payloadCreate payload for post request body
dash_headerMake a header for a dashboard
decrypt_tokenDecrypt token with password
docx_headerMake a header for a word document
folder_2statabatch convert a folder of dataframes into individual stata...
folder_bindBind a folder of separate data files with the same headings...
generate_postsGenerate a list of json payloads for put requests
get_contactsPull information from a contact list. Currently just for OBIP...
get_mailing_listsxcollect all mailing lists associated with teh
get_page_listList urls for each page of the contact list
get_readerGet a reader function for a file format
get_surveyGet an export of responses from a survey
grapes-find-grapesMagically grepl without NAs
grapes-not-find-grapesFind observations in a vector that are not NA and don't match...
grapes-not-in-grapesInverse x %!in% y \itemxthe thing \itemywhat it is / isn't in...
grapes-today-grapesPaste today's date into a string with magic
headersReturn API request headers
jose_testA test for Jose.
kablifyBuild a kable from a table, change proportions to percentages
list_surveysList surveys on the license, arrange by search term
list_used_filesreturns list of files of a given format
new_reportGenerate a new report
pnplug null list references with "Missing"
post_contactsPost a dataframe of new contacts to the contact list
read_surveyGet response data using a qualtrics survey id
register_optionsWrapper for qualtRics::registerOptions which includes our...
round_rowCorrect rounded row totals to
row_sumSum selected rows in pipe
rts_eia_invRead EIA involvement raw files into one data frame
tabWorkflow / print / NSE friendly implementation of table()
tabsetMake a set of tab functions to map onto any data with...
tabulate_requestTabulate the results of a get request
vec_correctGenerate a vector to correct rounding errors
write_tab_listPrint a list of tables as a writable vector, separated by...
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