Man pages for bmcclintock/crwHMM
Fit Continuous-Time State-Space Models for Filtering Argos Satellite (and Other) Telemetry Data

crwHMM-deprecatedDeprecated functions.
dummyRoxygen commands
ellieElephant seal Argos satellite data (1 individual)
fitcrwHMM example fit object
fit_ssmFit a continuous-time state-space model to filter Argos...
grabgrab tbl's by name from a crwHMM fitted model object
prefilterPrepare Argos data for fitting state-space model
print.crwHMMprint 'crwHMM' object summary information
ropeRoyal penguin Argos satellite data (13 individuals)
sfilterfit the state-space model to 'prefilter'-ed data
wrap_lonUtility functions
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