Man pages for bnasr/solrad
Calculating Solar Radiation and Related Variables Based on Location, Time and Topographical Conditions

AltitudeSolar Altitude Angle
ASTApparent Solar Time
AzimuthSolar Azimuth Angle
DayLengthDay Length
DayOfYearDay of year
DeclinationDeclination Angle
DiffuseRadiationSolar Diffuse Radiation on a Surface
DiffusionFactorAtmospheric Diffusion Factor
DirectRadiationSolar Direct Beam Radiation on Surface
EOTEquation of time
ExtraterrestrialSolar Extraterrestrial Radiation
ExtraterrestrialNormalNormal Extraterrestrial Solar Radiation
HourAngleSolar Hour Angle
IncidenceSolar Incidence Angle
LSTLocal Standard Time
OpenRadiationOpen Sky Solar Radiation
SolarCalculating Solar Variables
SolarConstantSolar Constant
SunriseSunrise Time
SunsetSunset Time
TransmittanceAtmospheric Transmittance
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