Man pages for bnowok/synthpop
Generating Synthetic Versions of Sensitive Microdata for Statistical Disclosure Control

codebook.synMakes a codebook from a data frame
compareComparison of synthesised and observed data model estimates based on synthesised and observed...
compare.syndsCompare univariate distributions of synthesised and observed...
glm.syndsFitting (generalized) linear models to synthetic data
multi.compareMultivariate comparison of synthesised and observed data
multinom.syndsFitting multinomial models to synthetic data
numtocat.synGroup numeric variables before synthesis
read.obsImporting original data sets form external files
replicated.uniquesReplications in synthetic data
SD2011Social Diagnosis 2011 - Objective and Subjective Quality of...
sdcTools for statistical disclosure control (sdc) from synthetic data
summary.syndsSynthetic data object summaries
synGenerating synthetic data sets
syn.bagSynthesis with bagging
syn.cartSynthesis with classification and regression trees (CART)
syn.catallSynthesis of a group of categorical variables from a...
syn.ipfSynthesis of a group of categorical variables by iterative...
syn.lognormSynthesis by linear regression after transformation of a...
syn.logregSynthesis by logistic regression
syn.nestedSynthesis for a variable nested within another variable.
syn.normSynthesis by linear regression
syn.normrankSynthesis by normal linear regression preserving the marginal...
syn.passivePassive synthesis
syn.pmmSynthesis by predictive mean matching
syn.polrSynthesis by ordered polytomous regression
syn.polyregSynthesis by unordered polytomous regression
syn.rfSynthesis with random forest
syn.sampleSynthesis by simple random sampling
syn.satcatSynthesis from a saturated model based on all combinations of...
syn.survctreeSynthesis of survival time by classification and regression...
synthpop-packageGenerating synthetic versions of sensitive microdata for...
utility.genDistributional comparison of synthesised and observed data
utility.tabTabular utility
write.synExporting synthetic data sets to external files
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