Man pages for bochocki/slackrsheets
A Hyper-Specific Package for Writing Slack Commands to a Google Sheet

capwordsCapitalize the first letter of each word in a character...
check_inputCheck whether a user input is a time or a comment.
dm_dateChange System Date to Google Sheets date.
edit_dataWrite a value to a Google Sheet.
format_timeStandardize some input time to an HH:MM:SS format.
get_cellDetermine cell location in spreadsheet.
get_wsSilently connect to and download a Google Sheet.
hms_to_sConvert an HH:MM:SS formatted string to seconds.
print_boardPrint nicely formatted Rankings Tables.
print_scoreboardPrint nicely formatted Scoreboard
rank_listGenerate a list of the Rankings Tables.
read_cellRead the current value in a specified cell.
round_intRound down to the nearest integer.
slack_messageA function to build a message and POST it to Slack.
slack_parseA function to parse Slack input.
slack_post_timeA function to return time messages.
slack_text_failA function to return bespoke FAIL messages.
slack_text_passA function to return bespoke SUCCESS message.
ssplitSplits a string.
s_to_hmsConvert some number of seconds into an HH:MM:SS format.
write_timeWrite a Daily Mini time to the Google Sheet.
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