Man pages for bomeara/cv
Code for compiling CVs from ORCID

CleanNamesApostophes cause problems. This will fix them.
CreateEducationMarkdownCreate a Markdown document of education from biographical...
CreateEmploymentMarkdownCreate a Markdown document of employment history from...
CreateFundingMarkdownCreate a Markdown document of funding from biographical info
CreateMarkdownCreate a Markdown document from biographical info
CreatePeopleMarkdownCreate a Markdown document of people in the lab from...
CreatePublicationsMarkdownCreate a Markdown document of publications from orcid
CreateServiceMarkdownCreate a Markdown document of service from biographical info
CreateSummaryMarkdownCreate a Markdown document to summarize me
FinalCompileCVCompile a set of markdown documents and convert with pandoc
GetCollaboratorsGet collaborators from past time period
GetInfoFromOrcidPull in info from ORCID
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