Man pages for bonStats/gcreg
General Constraint REGression

bounce_monotoneBounce away from monotone boundary
case_bootstrap_constrained_lmm_emBootstrap for monotone-constrained polynomial LMM
coef.cregMethods for class "creg"
cols_controlCreate controls attributes which tune the COLS algorithm.
constrained_lmm_emFit monotone-constrained polynomial LMM with an EM algorithm
constrained_lmm_mcemFit monotone-constrained polynomial LMM with an MCEM...
cpmLeast squares estimates of a constrained polynomial...
fitted.cregFitted values
formula.cregRegression coefficients
gcreggcreg: A package for fitting constrained regression models
gen_line_searchSearch for boundary of permissible region between current...
gen_poly_basis_convertersGenerate functions to convert regression coefficients between...
gen_scale_data_funsCreate function to scale and unscale data.
is_monotoneCheck if polynomial is monotone over desired region.
linear_dist_to_monotone_boundaryCalculate the linear distance to the monotone boundary
make_disc_orthonormal_basisCreate discrete (data-based) orthonormal polynomial basis
make_em_model_specsSpecify model for a monotone-constrained polynomial LMM
make_oracleCreate oracle function for constrained polynomial fitting
optim_COLSThe COLS algorithm.
poly_basis_design_matrixCreate design matrix from polynomial basis.
predict.cregPredicted (or fitted) values
print.cregPrint regression model
residuals.cregRegression residuals
transform_betaTransform beta to gamma polynomial coefficients
untransform_gamTransform gamma to beta polynomial coefficients
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