Man pages for borishejblum/ludic
Linkage Using Diagnosis Codes

agree_CFast C++ implementation of agreement vector for the...
comb_pvalsFisher's rule for combining several p-values
EMstep_C_sparse_bigC++ implementation of the E and M steps from Winkler's EM...
em_winklerImplementation of Winkler's EM algorithm for Fellegi-Sunter...
estep_C_vectFast C++ implementation of Winkler's Method E step
logitLogit link function
loglikC_binC++ implementation of the pseudo-likelihood computation
matching_scoreComputes a matching score from agreement vectors and weights
matchingScore_CFast C++ computation of the final posterior probabilities in...
matchProbs_rank_full_CCompute the matching probabilities for each pair of...
pval_zscoreCompute p-values for a Z-score
RAAnonymized binarized diagnosis codes from RA study.
recordLinkProbabilistic Patient Record Linkage
strsplitCSplitting a character string in C++
test_combineAssociation testing by combining several matching thresholds
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