plot_simple: Simplest code to plot population(s) against time

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A simple plot all of the populations in a data frame against time. One column must be called "time" and will be used as the x-axis of the plot. The rest will be used as different lines on the y-axis, with a legend denoting their column names. See plot_populations() above for a more sophisticated plotting function.

@param populations Data frame with columns corresponding to different population segments and a 'time' column @param new.graph (optionally) whether to start a new graph, default TRUE @param xlim (optionally, for new graphs) the limits of the x axis, default min to max time @param ylim (optionally, for new graphs) the limits of the y axis, default min to max pop size @param lty (optionally) the line type for all lines on the graph, default 1


plot_simple(populations, new.graph = TRUE, xlim = NA, ylim = NA, lty = 1)


df <- data.frame(time=0:100, grow=exp((0:100) / 10),
                 die=exp(seq(10, 0, by = -0.1)))
plot_simple(df, lty = 2, main = "A title")

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