Man pages for bozenne/butils.base
Tools to source R code or install R packages

buildPackageIntegrative function for building packages
butils.basebutils.base package
cleanDirRemove directory
countCppArgsHelp function to fill the file declareRoutines.c
crlf2lfNormalize .cpp files
declareRoutineCHelp function to fill the file declareRoutines.c [should be...
dependencyPackageExtract the Names of the Dependences of a Package
extractSectionFromRDExtract sections from an .rd file
installGithubCommitInstall commit
listDocArgsGet all the arguments from the Rd files
pathGitHubFind GitHub directory
readDescriptionLoad description file
readGithubCommitExisting commits
readHtmlLinkslinks of a url page
revTracebackGet and Print Call Stacks (reverse order)
sourcePackageSource a package directory
validFCTsCheck argument in functions
writeCollatewrite cpllate field
writeDatewrite date field
writeDescriptionUpdate description file
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