Man pages for bozenne/butils
Various usefull functions

addActivityAdd a new entry to the account.
addMatchAdd a new match to the account
addNickNameAdd nick name to the account.
as.bootConvertion to boot object
autoplot.breakpointDisplay Regression Line and Observations
boot2pvalueCompute the p.value from the distribution under H1
bootPbCopy of 'boot::boot' with progress bar
bootRegPerform bootstrap computation on an object
breakpointFind One or Two Breakpoints
butils-packagebutils package
calcPartialResidualsCompute partial residuals for linear and linear mixed models.
calcR2Compute the R square using the predicted values
cor.testDTPerform pairwise correlation tests between matrix columns
createAccountCreate an empty account
cvCheckTest the sensibility of the lvm estimate to the...
dicreteRootDichotomic search for monotone function
DIMDimensions of an Object
evalInParentEnvFind object in the parent environments
extractDataExtract Data From a Model
extractRchunkExtract code chunks from an .org file
FUN.predictprediction function for calcPartialResiduals
getSigmaGLSVariance-covariance of GLS object
ggCorDisplay correlation/covariance matrix
ggHeatmapDisplay pairwise correlation
ggSurvSurvival curve using ggplot2
identifyOutlierIdentify outlier
launchBatchLaunching batch
lmBoxCoxBox Cox transformation for linear models
mcrGamMonotone cr spline
NAMESNames of an Object
normalizeTransform a variable to obtain approximate normality
object2scriptDisplay the Source Code Corresponding to an Object
plot.detectOutlierplot function for detectOutlier objects
plot.partialResidualsDisplay an first order interaction for categorical variables
profileCodeProfile a function
qqplot2QQplot for the Residuals of a LVM Object
residplotPlot the Residuals of a LVM Object
scaleOutlierRobust scaling
scanOutlierSearch potential outliers
sinkDirectoryImport All .rds Files in a Directory.
summary.bootRegDisplay the result fo the bootstrap computation
summary.butilsAccountSummarizing an account.
summary.cvlvmSummary function associated with cvCheck
tryWithWarningsRun an expression and catch warnings and errors
validFCTsCheck argument in functions
WaldTestTesting independent linear hypotheses using a Wald test
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