Man pages for bozenne/lava.reduce
Latent Variable Models with linear predictor

calcLPCompute the linear predictor
callS3methodParentCall the first method inhereted by the object
cleanSimplify a lvm object
combine.formulaCombine formula
convFormulaCharacterformula character conversion
estimate.lvm.reducedEstimate a latent variable model with linear predictors (LP)
getReduceExtract variables from a reduced latent variable model
getS3methodParentFind methods belonging to other classes
hookLVMreducedHook for 'lvm.reduced' objects
hook.reduceHooks for lava reduce
initializerInitialise 'lvm.reduced'
initLPInitialize a linear predictor
initVarNormalize var1 and var2
kill.lpRemove variables from linear predictors
latent-set-.lvm.reducedSpecify the latent variables
lpExtract the linear predictors
lvm2reduceConversion to a latent variable model with linear predictors
lvm.reducedInitialize new latent variable model with linear predictors
momentLVMrMoments for a reduced lvm model
moments.lvmfit.reducedExtract moments from a reduced lvm
reduceReduce latent variable model
reduce2lvmRemove all linear predictors from a lvm.reduce object
regressionAdd regression association to a latent variable model with...
select.regressorRegressor of a formula
select.responseResponse variable of a formula
updateLPUpdate linear predictors
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