Man pages for bprucka/uttr
Unleashing the Tidyverse - Easy modeling in R

BetaBinomialConstructor for Beta Binomial distribution
BetaBinomial.FrequentistConstructor for BetaBinomial Frequentist distribution
BinomialConstructor for Binomial distribution
Binomial.BayesianConstructor for Binomial Bayesian distribution
Binomial.FrequentistConstructor for Binomial Frequentist distribution
Binomial.RandomforestConstructor for Binomial Randomforest distribution
combine_plotsCombine all individual distribution plots
do_predictionPredict values from a fitted distribution
do_simulationSimulate from a fitted model
fit_modelFit the specified model
get_predictorsReturns a vector of predictors
make_betabinomMake Beta Binomial Distribution
make_binomMake Binomial Distribution
make_distributionMake an arbitrary distribution
make_negbinomMake Negative Binomial Distribution
make_poisMake Poisson Distribution
model_optionsSet options for a model
NegativeBinomialConstructor for Negative Binomial distribution
NegativeBinomial.FrequentistConstructor for Negative Binomial Frequentist distribution
plot_distributionPlot each distribution
PoissonConstructor for Poisson distribution
Poisson.FrequentistConstructor for Poisson Frequentist distribution
set_priorsAssigns predictors to a model
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