Man pages for bquast/RDDtools
Toolbox for Regression Discontinuity Design ('RDD')

as.lmConvert a rdd object to lm
as.npregbwConvert an rdd_reg object to a 'npreg' object
clusterInfPost-inference for clustered data
covarTest_disTesting for balanced covariates: equality of distribution
covarTest_meanTesting for balanced covariates: equality of means with...
dens_testRun the McCracy test for manipulation of the forcing variable
gen_mc_ikGenerate Monte Carlo simulations of Imbens and Kalyanaraman
houseDataset used in Lee (2008)
indhINDH data set
plotBinBin plotting
plotPlaceboDraw a (density) plot of placebo tests
plot.rdd_dataPlot rdd_data
plotSensiPlot the sensitivity to the bandwidth
rdd_bw_cct_estimBandwidth selection for Regression Discontinuity estimators,...
rdd_bw_cct_plotBandwidth selection for Regression Discontinuity...
rdd_bw_ikImbens-Kalyanaraman Optimal Bandwidth Calculation
rdd_bw_rswGlobal bandwidth selector of Ruppert, Sheather and Wand...
rdd_coefRDD coefficient
rdd_dataConstruct rdd_data
rdd_gen_regGeneral polynomial estimator of the regression discontinuity
rdd_predRDD coefficient prediction
rdd_reg_lmParametric polynomial estimator of the regression...
rdd_reg_npParametric polynomial estimator of the regression...
rddtoolsRegression Discontinuity Design
rot_bwBandwidth selector
STAR_MHETransformation of the STAR dataset as used in Angrist and...
vcovClusterCluster Heteroskedasticity-consistent estimation of the...
waldciConfint allowing vcov
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