Man pages for bradwest-wk/xbrlr
Tools for XBRL Taxonomy Analytics and Visualization in R

adv_tree_plotPlot Taxonomy Tree Graph
check_child_pathRecursively Check Children
check_parent_pathRecursively Check Parents
children_desiredShould Children be Kept?
choose_linkbaseChoose Linkbase
correct_parentIs Parent Correct?
create_childrenCreate New Child Vertex
create_graphCreate Network Graph
create_graph_listList of graphs
create_parentCreate a New Parent Vertex
create_statement_treeCreate Statement Tree
draw_legendDraw a Simple Legend
edge_to_dfRead and Convert to Dataframe
excel_to_dfExcel Sheet to dataframe
extract_subgraphCreate Subgraph from Root Node
find_statementExtract Financial Statement of Interest
get_stmt_namesGet Statement Names
helloHello, World!
panel_treesPlot Multiple Graphs
plot_graphPlot Network Graph
plot_single_graphPlot Graph
plot_treePlot Tree
runShinyAppRun Shiny App Visualization
transform_treeTransform Tree
vertex_decisionRetain or Delete Vertex
vertex_parentsVertex Parents
visualize_differencesVisualize Differences Between Graphs
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