Man pages for brandseye/brandseyer
Provides access to data stored in a BrandsEye account

accountProvides access to a BrandsEye account
account_api_versionIndicates the api version the account is available through.
account_brandsListing brands in an account
account_codeReturns a BrandsEye 'account"s code.
account_countCounting mentions, authors, etc
account.loadLoads an account's details.
account_mentionsRead mentions from your account.
account_nameReturns the human readable name of an account
account_phrasesList phrases in an account
account_tagsList tags in an account
account_timezoneGives the timezone that the account is in.
account_updateUpdates mentions for accounts
authenticationAuthenticate yourself with BrandsEye
brandseyerbrandseyer: access and perform analytics on your BrandsEye...
check_errorsChecking for errors
client_serviceClient service details
confirmConfirm an action.
ensureAuthenticatedCheck that the user is authenticated.
getUserImplLow level function to access user information.
list_accountsList accounts you have access to
print.brandseye.accountPrint's details of a brandseye account.
print.brandseye.clientServicePrints a client service S3 class.
print.mention.resultsPrints a summary of the results from a call to...
print.summary.brandseye.accountPrints a summary of a BrandsEye 'account'
sentimentCreate sentiment factors
summary.brandseye.accountSummarising accounts
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