Man pages for brandseye/brandseyer2
Provides access to data stored in a BrandsEye account

accountAccess account information
account_api_versionGet the version of the API the account uses
account_client_codeGet an account's client code
account_codeGet an account's code
account_listList all accounts available to you
account_managerSee your account manager
account_nameGet an account's name
account_timezoneGet an account's timezone
account_typeGet an account's type
add_pickedupAdd a pickedup date restriction to a filter.
am_i_brandseyeAre you authorised as a BrandsEye staff member?
authenticateAuthenticate yourself with BrandsEye
authentication_filenameReturns the file name in which you can save your...
brandsFetch brand information
check_errorsChecking for errors
compare_mentionsCompare mentions using sub-filters when counting them
confirmConfirm an action.
count_mentionsCount mentions
create_tagsAdd tags to an account
dashboardsList the dashboards in an account
data_modelsExplore the API data models
filter_brandDescribe a brand
filter_mentionsFilter for only specific mentions
get_name_listTurn a string creating a vector in to a string of names
get_query_accountsSee the accounts in a query.
get_query_brandsSee brands in a query
getUserImplLow level function to access user information.
group_mentions_byGroup mentions by shared criteria
is_accountSee if an object is a account object
is_querySee if an object is a BrandsEyeR query
list_to_v4_mentionsFormat list data as a tibble
logsRead account logs
logs_retrosentFinding retrosends for accounts
mentionsFetch mentions from an account
metricsSee metrics in a dashboard
phrasesFetch phrases for an accounts and mentions
pipePipe operator
profilesRead online profiles for an account
queryCreate a query for mentions or counts
read_accountRead account information
read_apiRead arbitrary data from our api.
read_dataRead mention data from the API.
read_mashRead arbitrary data from mash.
root_brandsFind root brands in an account
rulesRead account rules
save_keySaves a key to file.
sectionsGive section information for a dashboard
tagsFetch tags for accounts and mention data
to_count_filterConverts a query to a vector of filters
to_mention_filterReturns a vector of filters for fetching mentions
topicsFetch topics for an account or tibble of mentions
topic_treesList topic trees for an account
to_queryCreate a query object from another object
update_mentionsUpdate data stored on a mention
usersGet users for an account
whoamiReturns your current authentication credentials.
with_accountAdd accounts to a query.
with_mention_fieldsSelect extra data when fetching or counting mentions
with_mention_orderOrder results from fetching or counting mentions
with_tag_parentsDetermine the parent of tags given a particular tree
write_apiWrite arbitrary data to our api.
write_mashWrite arbitrary data to mash.
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