Man pages for brandseye/chartingtest
Data and Charting Functions for BrandsEye

authors_metricGets the 'authors metric' for a given filter
brand_metricReturns data grouped by brand
cities_metricGives information grouped by city
day_of_week_metricGet data for determining the best day of the week to post
gender_metricFetch gender data
locations_metricGives information grouped by country
pipePipe operator
plot_sentiment_metricPlot the sentiment chart
plot_time_of_day_metricPlots the time of day to post (by hour)
plot_volume_sentiment_metricPlots volume overlayed with sentiment.
race_metricFetch race data
regions_metricGives information grouped by region
returning_authorsChecks whether authors from current filter appeared in a...
returning_authors_metricReturns a breakdown of new vs returning authors
sentiment_metricReturns the data for sentiment chart
sites_metricGets the 'stats metric' for a given filter
stats_metricGets the 'stats metric' for a given filter
theme_brandseyeProvides a BrandsEye ggplot2 theme
time_of_day_metricGet data for determining the best time of day to post (by...
topics_metricGets the Topics for a given filter
volume_sentiment_metricReturns the data for creating volume/sentiment charts
wordcloud_metricPulls breakdown of volume by keyword
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