Man pages for brascoball/ggquik
Quick Plotting ggplot2 Wrapper

add_backbarAdd a backbar to a plot.
add_backtextAdd backtext to a plot.
add_basebandAdd a baseband to a plot.
add_baselineAdd a baseline to a plot.
add_facetAdd Red Hat facets to a plot
add_projectionAdd a confidence interval to a quik line plot
change_shadeChange the shade of the current Red Hat Color
factor_zooExpand yearmon or yearqtr into a factor
flip_levelsFlip Levels of a factor
format_labelFormat the labels for a measure on a quik plot.
hattyr-data-plot_colorsRed Hat plot colors.
hattyr-data-rh_colorsRed Hat branded colors.
pick_text_colorPick text color based on background.
quik_barsPlot a quik bar plot
quik_bulletsPlot a quik bullet plot
quik_clean_axisClean the axis in a ggplot theme
quik_clean_facetClean the facet titles in a ggplot theme
quik_clean_gridClean the grid in a ggplot theme
quik_legendMove the legend to the bottom for a ggplot theme
quik_linesPlot a quik line plot
quik_pointsPlot a quik points plot
quik_preparePrep a data frame for ggquik plotting
quik_themeAdd Red Hat theming to a ggplot
quik_transparentMake a ggplot theme transparent
redhat_colorsCollect hexidecimal colors
redhat_hexGet the hex of a redhat color in rgb
set_decimalSet the decimal for the plot text
set_group_colorsDetermine quik ggplot2 fill colors
set_quik_familySet Overpass as the quik family font
set_quik_optsSet various quik options for plotting
show_redhat_colorsShow available Red Hat colors.
use_limitsReplace ggplot scale breaks with only limits
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