Man pages for brascoball/hattyr
Red Hat Specific Functions

add_asset_monikerAdd product moniker
add_asset_typeAdd asset type
dfs_to_csvWrite a bunch of data frames to csv
read_scriptsRead SQL scripts from a directory
recent_fileDetermine the most recently saved file
redhat_colorsCollect hexidecimal colors
redhat_db_connConnect to a database in R
redhatqtrGet a Red Hat quarter for a given date or vector of dates
redhat_qtrOld function to get the Red Hat dates
redhatqtr_datesGet a start and end dates for Red Hat quarters
redhatqtr_startGet the first date of a quarter based on a Red Hat quarter
run_scriptsRun SQL scripts on a database
set_env_passCreate an obscured password to keep in as an environment...
show_redhat_colorsShow available Red Hat colors.
slash_pasteCombine portions of directories or urls with one slash
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