Man pages for brendan-R/brocks
The Personal R Functions of Brendan Rocks

ac_se'Agresti-Coull'ish Standard Errors
add_lineTaken from...
age_breaksConvert Ages or Dates, to a Factor Variable of Standard Age...
blog_optsSet some knitr chunk options which may work well for blogging
blog_pushPush a blog post live (possibly)
blog_serveServe or Compile a Jekyll Blog
char_colsConvert all columns in a data.frame to character
consolidate_valuesAttempt to Rationalise a Factor Variable (using simple rules)
cran_repoReturn a CRAN repo: The user-default, or RStudio's
date_to_ageConvert Dates to Ages
extract_package_depsExtract package dependencies from an R script
filenamiseSanitise a String (URL/filename safe)
geom_watermarkAdd a watermark to a plot
get_queryRetreive a database query with SQL, with caching and lazy...
gg_colour_hueggplot2 categorical colour hues
guess_db_connectionIf there's only one database connection, use it
html_triFormat Numeric Data with HTML Arrows
htmlwidgets_depsConfigure htmlwidgets dependencies for a knitr-jekyll blog
install_depsRecursively Parse R Files in a Directory, and Install...
kill_colsKill off non-informative columns in a data.frame
lzTurn numbers to strings, with leading zeros
misc_br_num_formatsMiscellaneous Number Formatting Functions
new_postFile Structure for a Jekyll Blog Post
read_gsA wrapper for the googlesheets package: A lazy way to read a...
read_txtRead a text file
refactorChange Factor Levels Using List Lookups
refactor_listProduce a lookup for refactor()
rep_charRepeat a character a variable number of times
rev_levsReverse Factor Levels
scale_stripStrip Scale Labels from Likert Data
sys_openOpen a file in the Operating System
test_dataAn idealised test data set, for demonstrating some of the...
to_sql_vectorTurn and R vector into a SQL vector
vswitchA vectorized version of switch
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