Man pages for brendan-r/googdown
Tools for authoring Google Documents in Rmarkdown

add_to_renvironAdd a variable to a user's ~/.Renviron file
cache_version_filesA function for caching information about document state
gd_authAuthorize with Google Documents
gd_deleteDelete a file in a Google Drive account
gd_downloadDownload a Google Document as Markdown or JSON
gd_exportDownload an A Google Doc as an Open Office or MS Word...
gd_lsGet a list of the files in a g Google Drive account
gd_pullPull remote changes to a Google Doc to the source Rmarkdown...
gd_pushPush an Rmarkdown document to Google Docs
gd_updateUpdate the contents of a Google Doc, with a local file
google_docConvert a Local Rmarkdown File to a remote Google Doc
post_processorgoogdown's post processor (run after pandoc)
pre_knitgoogdown pre-knit hook
remove_docx_bookmarksRemove 'Bookmark References' from a .docx file
standardize_rmdConvert a file to commonmark, using system pandoc
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