Man pages for brentonk/coefbounds
Nonparametric Bounds for Regression with Interval-Censored Outcomes

boot_coefsBootstrap coefficient bounds
boot_distCalculate bootstrap distances
calculate_critCalculate critical values from bootstrap results
coefboundsCoefficient bounds for linear models
coefbounds_fitDirect to appropriate fitting function
confint.coefboundsConfidence regions for coefficient bounds
draw_boot_indDraw indices for cluster bootstrap
hausdorff_distanceHausdorff distance between intervals
interval_hypothesisHypothesis tests for identification regions
lm_boundsBounds for all coefficients in a linear model
logit_boundsBounds for all coefficients in a logit model
logit_coefsLogit coefficients and variance matrix
point_to_interval_distanceDistance from a point to an interval
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