Man pages for briandconnelly/ggplot2bdc
Themes and other helper functions for working with ggplot2 plots

ggplot2bdcThemes and functions for creating plots with ggplot2
gg_remove_backgroundRemove a plot's background.
gg_remove_gridRemove grid lines from a plot
gg_remove_legendRemove a legend or parts of a legend from a plot
gg_remove_ticksRemove tick marks from a plot's axes
gg_remove_titlesRemove titles from a plot
gg_rescaleRescale a ggplot2 plot so that axes follow a given ratio
ggsave_goldenSave a plot with proportions equal to the golden ratio
gg_supports_theme_attributeDetermine whether installed ggplot2 supports a given theme...
rockpaperscissorsData set containing locations of simulated...
spanCalculate the distance between the minimum and maximum values
theme_bdc_greyClean theme with grey box and axis ticks
theme_bdc_lattice_populationTheme for displaying populations structured on a lattice
theme_bdc_microtiterTheme for displaying Microtiter plates
theme_bdc_paneledClean, borderless theme with grey panels and axis ticks
trim_whitespaceRemove whitespace from around an image
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