Man pages for briatte/qogdata
Functions to manipulate Quality of Government data and related material

get_gwptGet state-level historical events from Gledistch & Ward and...
get_udsGet UDS data in 'xtdata' format
get_wdiGet World Development Indicators in 'xtdata' format
qogbookDownload Quality of Government codebooks
qogdataGet Quality of Government datasets in 'xtdata' format
qogdata-packageFunctions to manipulate Quality of Government data and...
qog.demoQuality of Government demo data
qogfindFind Quality of Government variables
qog.indexQuality of Government variable indexes
qogjoinJoin historical and recent states in QOG Standard time series...
xtGet panel data properties
xtacfPlot autocorrelation functions for cross-sectional time...
xtcountryTry ISO-3N country code conversion on 'xtdata' data frames
xtdataPanel data properties
xtdecayLinear decay
xtdesDescribe panel data
xtmapPlot country-level maps
xtmergeMerge 'xtdata' data frames
xtmissingPlot availability of panel variables
xtsampleSample out of an 'xtdata' data frame
xtsetSet panel data properties
xtshiftLag or lead a panel data variable
xtsubsetSubset a data frame while preserving its 'xtdata' attribute
xttseTime since event
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