Man pages for brooksandrew/Rsenal
Rsenal (arsenal) of assorted R functions developed over the years

addRuleQualityAdd quality measures to association rules
arulesAppAssocation Rules Visualization Shiny App
balPanelCreate balanced panel dataset
binCatcategorical data binning by collapsing
depthbinEqual depth binning
dir2dfListTurn a directory of flat files into a list of data.frames
editFormEdit a formula
filterRulesPost process association rules
getEfromVlistGet edge IDs from vertices
getV1fromVlistGet 1 degree away vertexes
getVfromEGet vertex names from edge IDs
ipipAppIPIP-NEO visualization in Shiny
isKeyDetermine strength of linking variables
leafletMapDFLeaflet interactive map widget
logit2tabFormat logistic regression table
makeFormCreate formula
makeSQL_createTablegenerate SQL script to create table in SQL database from...
makeVertexAttmerge data.frame attributes to an igraph (network) object
mergeEdgeListsMerge edgelists => Master edgelist => igraph
mergeRules2transLink transactions/observations to association rules
missdfInspect missing data in a data.frame
optimizeModelWeightOptimize weight on ensemble of 2 supervised models
overlapAssess overlap in vectors
partialDepPartial Dependence (single variable)
partialDepAllPartial Dependence Spark Lines (multiple variables)
plotAvgByPlot average of an indicator over bins/categories of another...
plotBestglmAll-subsets logistic regression
plotdfPlot data.frame to PDF
predQuantileAnalyze predictions of supervised model in quantiles
predSortPlotDevil's Horn
pruneEdgePrune edges of igraph
quantile_dfPretty print quantiles
quantileFeatureScoreQuantile scoring function for continuous or integer valued...
quantileScoreQuantile scoring function for continuous or integer valued...
removePeriodsRemoves duplicative periods in column names of data.frame
rfImpSort Random Forest Variable Importance Features
roundCutRound numbers in interval
Rsenala(R)senal of assorted R functions and apps
rules2dfTransform association rule results into data.frame
shinyTableShiny app to visualize dataframe as simple interactive...
shuffleAnovaVariable importance from iteratively shuffled orders of...
smartAggAggregate multiple columns using different functions...
tableNetShiny app to visualize schema of relational tables
travCountCount # of nodes connected to root node
travOutFind all nodes connected to root node
uniglmUnivariate glm regression
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