printL: print dlf objects

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print dlf objects


print list objects created in this package


printL(dlf, digits = 1)



List as explained in section Details


number of digits rounded to. DEFAULT: 1


The common object to share between functions (see overview in extremeStat) is a list with the following elements:

dat numeric vector with (extreme) values, with all NAs and values below threshold removed
dat_full original input data complete with NAs
datname character string for main, xlab etc
parameter list (usually of length 17 if speed=TRUE in distLfit) with parameters of each distribution
gof dataframe with 'Goodness of Fit' measures, sorted by RMSE of theoretical and empirical cumulated density
distnames character vector with selected distribution names
distfailed Names of nonfitted distributions or ""
distcols colors for distnames (for plotting). If not given manually, determined by berryFunctions::rainbow2
distselector character string with function name creating the selection
truncate, threshold Truncation percentage and threshold value, relevant for distLquantile

optionally, it can also contain:

returnlev, npy dataframe with values of distributions for given return periods (RPs), number of observations per year/block. These elements are only added in distLextreme
RPweibull, RPgringorton Return periods according to plotting positions, added in plotLextreme
quant Quantile estimates from distLquantile
exBootRPs, qexBootSim, exBootCI, exBootCL objects from distLexBoot


none, prints via message.


Berry Boessenkool,, Sept 2014, March + July 2015, Dec 2016

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