Man pages for brry/mhmVis
Visualisation of 'mHM' Input and Output Files, Including 'netcdf' Files

check_list_elementsCheck list elements
demPalDEM and river color palettes
ffberryffmpeg path on berry's computers
get_ncPointGet coordinates of point in nc plot
pdf_pngGraph output file management
read_ascRead asc files
read_demRead dem and facc files
read_ncRead NETCDF file
riverlinesdraw river lines
vis_ascVisualize asc files
vis_demVisualize dem and facc files
vis_dischargeVisualize mHM discharge output
vis_ncVisualize NETCDF file
vis_nc_allVisualize NETCDF file
vis_nc_filmVisualize NETCDF file
vis_riverVisialize DEM river as lines (not raster)
write_ascWrite asc files
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