Man pages for bryanhanson/HandyStuff
Handy Functions & Stuff

compareCatsCompare Data by Category
examplePageCreate an html Page Showing All Examples in Rd Files
findS3MethFind S3 Methods That Apply to an Object
ggqq_normDraw a QQ Plot using ggplot2
HandyStuff-packageHandy Functions & Stuff
lmEqnPlot Points, Fit a Line, Display Equation
lpiLattice Panel Functions for Text-Decorated Levelplots
prettyAOVtableCreate a nicely formated analysis of variance table as a grob
rxnNormCreate a Reaction Norm or Interaction Plot
screenThemeLattice themes resembling ggplot2 themes
stackByColumnConvert a Vector into a Matrix Filling Down Columns
stackByRowConvert a Vector into a Matrix Filling Across Rows
sumStatDeluxeCalculate Custom Summary Statistics
vectorizeByColumnConvert a Matrix into a Vector Column by Column
vectorizeByRowConvert a Matrix into a Vector Row by Row
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