Man pages for bsaul/geex
An API for M-Estimation

approx_control-classapprox_control S4 class
basic_control-classbasic_control S4 class
coef-methodsGets the parameter estimates from a geex object
compute_pairwise_sum_of_listCompute the sum of a list of matrices to sum
compute_sigmaCompute empirical sandwich covariate estimator
compute_sum_of_listCompute the sum of a list of matrices to sum
correct_byCorrect sandwich components
correct_control-classcorrect_control S4 class
correctionCreates a correct_control object
create_basisCreates an m_estimation_basis object
create_GFUN-methodsCreates a function that sums over psi functions
create_psiFUN_list-methodsCreates list of psi functions
deriv_control-classderiv_control S4 class
diagnose_rootsDiagnose roots of estimating equations
estimate_GFUN_rootsEstimate roots for a set of estimating equations
estimate_sandwich_matricesEstimate component matrices of the empirical sandwich...
estimating_function-classestimating_function S4 class
fay_bias_correctionCorrect sandwich variance estimator byFay's bias correction
fay_df_correctionCorrect sandwich variance inference by Fay's degrees of...
geex-classgeex S4 class
geex_control-classgeex_control S4 class
geexexDataset used to illustrate Stefanski and Boos examples.
geex-packagegeex: M-estimation API
geex_summary-classgeex summary object
get_corrections-methodsGets the corrections from a geex object
grabGrab something from an object
grab_bread_list-methodsGets the .A_i (list of bread matrices) slot
grab_bread-methodsGrabs the .A (bread matrix) slot
grab_design_levelsGrab a list of the levels of factor variables in a model.
grab_design_matrixGrab a matrix of fixed effects from a model object
grab_ee-methodsGets the .ee_i (observed estimating function) slot
grab_estFUN-methodsGrab estimating functions from a model object
grab_fixed_formulaGrab the RHS formula from a model object
grab_GFUN-methodsGets the .psi_list slot in a m_estimation_basis
grab_meat_list-methodsGets the .B_i (list of bread matrices) slot
grab_meat-methodsGets the .B (meat matrix) slot
grab_psiFUNGrab estimating functions from a model object
grab_psiFUN_list-methodsGets the .psi_list slot in a m_estimation_basis
grab_responseGrab a vector of responses from a model object
grab_response_formulaGrab the LHS formula from a model object
m_estimateEstimate parameters and their covariance from a set of...
m_estimation_basis-classm_estimation_basis S4 class
nobs-methodsExtract the number observations
root_control-classroot_control S4 class
roots-methodsGets the parameter estimates matrix from a geex object
sandwich_components-classsandwich_components S4 class
setup_approx_controlSetup an approx_control object
setup_controlSetup a basic_control object
setup_deriv_controlSetup a deriv_control object
setup_root_controlSetup a root_control object
show-methodsShow (print) the S4 geex classes
summary-methodsObject Summaries
vcov-methodsGets the variance-covariance matrix from a geex object
weights-methodsExtract Model weights
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