Man pages for btskinner/distRcpp
Compute Geodesic Distance and Distance-Weighted Measures Using Rcpp

county_centersUnited States county centers.
deg_to_radConvert degrees to radians
dist_1to1Compute one to one distance.
dist_1tomCompute one to many distances.
dist_dfCompute distance between corresponding coordinate pairs in...
dist_haversineCompute Haversine distance between two points
dist_maxFind maximum distance.
dist_minFind minimum distance.
dist_mtomCompute distance between each coordinate pair (many to many)...
distRcppA Package To Compute Distance and Distance-Weighted Measures...
dist_sum_invSum inverse distances.
dist_vincentyCompute Vincenty distance between two points
dist_weighted_meanInterpolate inverse-distance-weighted measures.
inverse_valueCompute inverse values from vector
popdist_weighted_meanInterpolate population/inverse-distance-weighted measures.
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