Man pages for btupper/obpgtools
obpgtools for Ocean Biology Processing Group

build_databaseGiven a directory, build a database
compose_obpgGiven a database, build filenames
compose_obpg_dayGiven a database, build filenames
convert_timestampConvert a raster timestamp names to specified format. The...
convert_yrdayConvert year-day timestamps in various formats to other...
convert_yrmonConvert month-day timestamps in various formats to other...
convert_yrweekConvert year-week timestamps in various formats to other...
db_missing_daysGiven a database with one or more parameters retrieve a...
decompose_obpgDecompose one or more OBPG filenames into the OBPG database
decompose_obpg_dayDecompose one or more full DAY filename into the OBPG...
direct_uriPrecompute direct download URLs
eight_daysRetrieve the 8-day interval day-of-year numbers
get_datesGet one or more dates
get_dates.defaultGet one or more dates
get_dates.OBPGInfoGet one or more dates
get_dates.OBPGInfoListGet one or more dates of OPBGInfo elements of a OBPGInfoList...
get_weeksGet one or more 8D week numbers (1-46)
get_weeks.defaultGet one or more weeks
get_weeks.OBPFInfoGet one or more weeks
get_weeks.OBPGInfoListGet one or more weeks
has_obpgTest for the existence of a OBPG_PATH
log_fileRetrieve the name of the log file
log_rollRoll the log file to a new one based upon file size
log_tailRetrieve the tail end of the OBPG log
obpg_base_uriRetrieve the base use for different services
obpg_bbVarious bounding boxes
obpg_extractExtract a region from an OBPG SPNC (specifically...
obpg_fetch_DAY_directRetrieve MODISA files. Saves rasters to obpg data directory.
obpg_fetch_DAY_threddsRetrieve MODISA files. Saves rasters to obpg data directory.
OBPGInfoConvert a character to a OBPGInfoList object
obpg_pathRetrieve the OBPG path
obpgtoolsobpgtools - R tools for use with raster data originating from...
opendap_uriPrecompute OPeNDAP URLs.
parameter_unitsReturn one or more parameter units
parse_obpginfoConvert a string to a obpginfo class structure
period_codesReturn a list of known period codes
platform_codesReturns a named list of known platform codes
POSIXct_to_eightConvert POSIXct to 8-day time interval POSIXct or Y1234D123...
print.OBPGInfoPrint an OBPGInfo object
read_databaseRead a file-list database
read_database_gomRead the GOM database in the interval directory specified
read_maskRead mask as a RasterLayer
read_obpgRead a Raster formatted OBPG file(s).
read_obpg_gomRead GOM rasters
read_obpg_nwaRead NWA rasters
stack_datesGiven a RasterStack or RasterBrick, convert the names to...
stack_missing_daysGiven a RasterStack or RasterBrick list the days missing from...
suggested_rangeReturns a suggested display range for an obpginfo object
suggested_scalingReturns a suggested display scaling for an obpginfo object
to180Convert [0,360] longitudes to [-180, 180]
to360Convert [-180,180] longitudes to [0,360]
write_databaseWrite the file-list database
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