Man pages for business-science/tibbletime
Time Aware Tibbles

as_periodChange 'tbl_time' periodicity
ceiling_indexA simple wrapper of 'lubridate::ceiling_date()'
collapse_byCollapse a tbl_time object by its index
collapse_indexCollapse an index vector so that all observations in an...
create_seriesCreate a 'tbl_time' object with a sequence of regularly...
FANGStock prices for Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google from...
FBStock prices for Facebook from 2013-2016
filter_timeSuccinctly filter a 'tbl_time' object by its index
floor_indexA simple wrapper of 'lubridate::floor_date()'
new_tbl_timeCreate a new tbl_time object
parse_periodParse a character period specification
partition_indexPartition an index vector into an integer vector representing...
posixct_numeric_to_datetimeConverting a posixct numeric time back to a classed datetime
reconstructReconstruct an S3 class from a template
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rollifyCreate a rolling version of any function
tbl_timeCreate 'tbl_time' objects
tibbletimetibbletime: time-aware tibbles
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