Man pages for bwlewis/rthreejs
Interactive 3D Scatter Plots, Networks and Globes

egoFacebook social circles
flightsGlobal flight example data from Callum Prentice.
gcolA basic internal color format parser
globejsPlot Data on 3D Globes
graphjsInteractive 3D Graph Visualization
LeMisLes Miserables Character Coappearance Data
light_ambientPlot illumination
light_directionalPlot illumination
lines3dAdd lines to a 3D scatterplot
points3dAdd points to a 3D scatterplot
pumpPump rendering
renderDirectly render threejs scenes
scatterplot3jsInteractive 3D Scatterplots
textureConvert an image file or uri to a three.js texture
threejs-packageInteractive 3D graphics including point clouds and globes...
threejs-shinyShiny bindings for threejs widgets
vertices-scatterplotThree-methodExtract a matrix of vertex coordinates from a threejs widget
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