Man pages for bwrc/embla-r
Read Physiologic Signal Data Stored in the Embla Data Format (EBM)

create_variable_nameCreate variable name from string.
dec2hexConvert a decimal number to a hexadecimal string.
edfRead data stored in the Embla Data Format (EBM).
get_data_filesReturn a list of EBM signal files.
get_ebm_record_typeA list of known record fields in the EBM file.
hex2decConvert a hexadecimal string to decimal.
new_recording#' Return and initialise an empty recording structure. The...
parse_ebm_recordParse an EBM record, given the record id as a string and the...
read.ebmRead data in the Embla Data Format.
read.ebm.singleRead data in Embla Data Format from a single file.
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