Man pages for byandell/pda
Practial Data Analysis for Designed Experiments

all.factorsdetermine names of all factors, covariates, predictors...
BacteriaBacteria virus in plant sap
BactRoomBacteria Virus in Plant Sap by Room
BerryCranberry Energy Balance
box.figdraw boxplot figure at specified position
branchBranch Plot for Nested Effects
BrandXPreference for Brand X Detergent
BrassicaBrassica Response to Herbicide
BudwormCounting Data: Sex Response to Dose
ci.widthutility functions for ci.plot
CloningCloning virus in plant sap
CountCounting Data Examples
df.residresidual degrees of freedom
DietDiet Effect on Dry Matter Intake
DrinkWater Temperature Effect on Cow Drinking
DryingWater Temperature Effect on Cow Dryinging
effect.plotEffects Plot
ellipsedraw circles and ellipses
factor.labelsdetermine labels for all factors used in model fit
FeedFeed Intake and Weight Gain
ForageForage Effect on Dry Matter Intake
GrowthGrowth Medium for Plant Tissue
GrowthCountCounting Data for Growth Medium
HardyCold Hardiness Adaptation
int.plotGeneric Interaction Plots of Response with Interval Bars
int.plot.defaultInteraction Plots of Response with Interval Bars
int.plot.lmLinear Model-driven Interaction Plots of Response with...
lsmeanLeast Squares Means
margin.plotMargin Plots of Response for Pairs of Factors
margin.plot.lmMargin Plots of Response for Pairs of Factors in Linear Model
nestednested weighted means for experimental units
nested.treedraw nested tree
OocyteOocyte Development
PDAexamplesPDA examples.
pda-internalInternal pda functions.
pdalmePDA LME Code Checking
pdiffTable of p-values for Differences of Least Squares Means
pletterLetters for Means that are not Significantly Different
precisionround value to precision
pvalue.ellipseCenter and Radius for p-value Ellipses
RandomRandom Data Examples
RantwoRandom Two-Factor Data Example
RunningRunning and Oxygen Consumption
sample.sizecompute sample size by group
se.barStandard Error and Fisher's LSD Bars for Interaction Plots
splitplot~function to do ???
std.devstandard deviation of object
TomatoTomato data to find genes for growth
trans.plotDiagnostic plot to find power transform to remove...
TreeTree Weed Suppression over Time
TukeyTukey & Mandel Interactions
tukey.plotTukey/Mandel Interaction Plots of Response for Pairs of...
uncollidespread out values to avoid collision in plotting
unfactorunclass factor (but keep numeric level)
WaspWasp Shape of Queens and Workers
WheatPDAWheat virus in plant sap
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