Man pages for byandell/qtl2shiny
Shiny interface for R/qtl2 Fine Mapping

qtl2shinyAppShiny app for doqtl2
shinyAlleleShiny coefficient analysis and plot module
shinyDiploShiny Diplotype module
shinyGeneExonShiny Genes and Exons with nearby SNPs module
shinyGeneRegionShiny Genes in SNP Region module
shinyHaploShiny haplotype analysis
shinyHotspotShiny hotspot views
shinyMainShiny app for DOQTL selection
shinyMediateShiny coefficient analysis and plot module
shinyPatternShiny Pattern module
shinyPeaksShiny peaks selection
shinyPhenoPlotShiny Phenotype Plot module
shinyPhenosShiny phenotype selection
shinyProbsShiny Probability module
shinyProjectShiny project selection
shinyScanCoefShiny coefficient analysis and plot module
shinySetupShiny setup for DOQTL selection
shinySNPFeatureShiny SNP Features in SNP Region module
shinySNPGeneShiny SNP Association
shinySNPPatternShiny top SNP analysis and plot module
shinySNPPlotShiny scan1 SNP analysis and plot module
shinySNPSetupShiny SNP and Allele analysis and plot module
shinySNPSumShiny SNP summary module
shinyTriadShiny triad plot module
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