Man pages for c3s-data-rescue-service/dataresqc
C3S quality control tools for historical climate data

BernSub-daily meteorological observations for Bern
climatic_outliersClimatic outliers test
climexp_to_sefDownload a GHCN-Daily data file from the Climate Explorer and...
convert_pressureConvert pressure data to hPa
daily_out_of_rangeDaily big errors test
daily_repetitionDaily repetition test
duplicate_datesDuplicate dates test
duplicate_timesDuplicate times test
impossible_valuesGross Errors Test for Cloud Cover and Relative Humidity.
internal_consistencyDaily internal consistency test
MetaMetadata for the stations of Bern and Rosario de Santa Fe
plot_dailyPlot daily data points
plot_decimalsPlot decimals
plot_subdailyPlot sub-daily data points
plot_weekly_cyclePlot weekly cycle
qcApply all tests
read_metaRead metadata from the Station Exchange Format version 0.2.0
read_sefRead data files in Station Exchange Format version 0.2.0
RosarioDaily and sub-daily meteorological observations for Rosario...
subdaily_out_of_rangeSub-daily big errors test
subdaily_repetitionSub-daily repetition test
temporal_coherenceDaily temporal coherence test
TestsTable of available qc tests
VariablesTable of supported variable codes
wmo_gross_errorsWMO Gross Errors Tests for Pressure, Temperature, Dew Point,...
wmo_time_consistencyWMO Time Consistency Test for Pressure, Temperature and Dew...
write_flagsAdd quality flags to a data file in Station Exchange Format...
write_sefWrite data in Station Exchange Format version 0.2.0
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