Man pages for caesar0301/movr
Analyzing and Visualizing Human Mobility Data

cart2geoCartesian and geopoint conversion
cart2geo.radianConvert Cartesian coordinates to geopoints in radians.
deg2radConvert degrees to radians.
dq.iovanSpatiotemporal data quality of Iovan's
dq.pointSpatiotemporal data quality of stay points
dq.point2Spatiotemporal data quality of stay points
dq.trajSpatiotemporal data quality of user trajectory
dq.traj2Spatiotemporal data quality of user trajectory
entropy.randMajor concepts, tools and visualization in the predictability...
entropy.spaceMobility entropies
entropy.spacetimeMobility entropies
fit.polyexpFit a poly-exponential distribution
fit.power.lawFit a power-law
fit.truncated.power.lawFit a truncated power-law.
flowmapGenerate flowmap from movement data
flowmap2Generate flowmap from movement data
flow.statCalculate flow stat between locations
gcdGreat Circle Distance (GCD)
gen.sessionsDetect staying sessions of user
geo2cartGeopoint and Cartesian conversion
geo2cart.radianConvert geopoints in radians to Cartesian coordinates.
hour2dateConverting UNIX hour to Data object
hour2todConverting UNIX hour to Time-of-Day
hour2towConverting UNIX hour to Time-of-Week
in.areaGeographic area checking
map3dAdd a 3D map surface
melt.timeMelt time into parts
midpointGeographic midpoint calculation
minor.ticks.axisAdding minor ticks to R basic plots
movrmovr: inspecting human mobility with R
pairwise.distCalculate pairwise distances in a 2D region
people.occurrencePeople occurrence at each stay point.
plot.flowmapVisualize flowmap.
plot.heatmapHeatmap of xyz data
plot.traj3dVisualize trajectories using RGL 3D.
plot.traj.graphVisualize individual's trajectories.
point.coverageSpatial coverages of stay points.
rad2degConvert radians to degrees.
radius.of.gyrationRadius of gyration for human mobility
RcolorsR Colors
rep_eachReplicate elements of vector
RMSERoot Mean Squared Error (RMSE)
seq_approximateApproximately matching sequence
seq_collapsedSequencing by collapsing adjacent same values
seq_distinctSequencing by distinct values
spatial.corrCalculate spatial correlation of a 2D region
standardizeVector Normalization
standardize_stNormalization over spatial and temporal scale
stcoordsSpatiotemporal data formatting
vbinVector binning
vbin.grid2D random field binning
vbin.rangeVector range binning
voronoi2polygonsVoronoi to polygon
voronoi3d3D voronoi canvas for RGL
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