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Transform experiment data into long form with relevant keys


parseExperimentData(data, lookupTable, numMeasurements = 3, numWells = 96)



A data frame containing raw experiment data in wide form


A data frame containing per-well categorical fields (e.g. medium, clone, etc.)


(OPTIONAL) The number of measurements performed on the set of wells If no argument is specified, numMeasurements defaults to 3.


(OPTIONAL) The number of wells used in the experiment. If no argument is specified, numWells defaults to 96.


parseExperimentData will take raw experiment data in wide form and transform it into long form with the following keys:

The long-form experiment data is then joined to a lookup table containing qualitative information about each well. The qualitative data is replicated per-well for each instance of the well in the long-form data.

parseExperimentData takes optional arguments specifying the number of measurements and the number of wells. This information is used to dynamically ascertain the measurement type for each iteration in the data and is appended as a new column. If no values are specified, it assumes 3 measurements and 96 wells.

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